Children playing at the Ampefy learning centre

Volunteers with their students

Our volunteer program provides a wide range of activities to get involved in. Primarily we promote English teaching as the country and its children urgently need volunteer teachers.

Grace works in the lab for the orchid programme

We like to include hands on experience in work that fits your interests or studies, especially local radio, French as a Modern Language, IT computer literacy, choir, fauna and flora conservation, medical elective and International development.

No skills or qualifications are required, provided you are willing to learn during training and as you go along. We do recommend though you brush up on your french, there's lots of resources on line and also think about ways of teaching if you haven't taught before. We can send you some links to read and research as it's great to be prepared.

All we ask is that you come with enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and abide by our basic codes of conduct

If you are studying French or want to improve your French, it is a great place to practise. Schedules include one-to-one French conversation sessions, and optional extra classes at Alliance Francaise (classes at the Alliance Francaise are charged separately - not expensive).

Saturday children's club

In Practical Training Year for students of Biology, Ecology and Zoology, we offer 3-9 month assignments in rainforest with scientific support in research projects.