English teaching

No skills or qualifications are required, provided you are willing to learn during training and as you go along.

Volunteer training english teachers

It is important for the young people of Madagascar to learn English so that they can communicate with the English-speaking world, taking part in their sustainable development.

Most of the volunteers’ week is allocated to working with local Primary and Secondary Schools, whose children learn English songs, rhymes and vocabulary.

Our 2-day school orientation training at the beginning of your placement, gets you started and the children are keen to learn. Details of Class-work and Lesson-plans are are available via email and we will shortly be publishing additional information for download from this site.

Interactive games at the learning Centre, Ampefy

To spread English coaching to other groups, and for the children in school holidays, we also run lots of English Clubs (for games, songs and vocab), which you will learn how to do during training. In the Clubs, the level of English is elementary to low-intermediate. Club activities involve the members in conversations, role-plays, rhymes, songs and word games.

It’s useful if you have a TEFL certificate, even from a weekend course. It is also helpful though not essential to speak a bit of French, and it’s a great place to practise your French, because people take time to try and understand.