Health Precautions


See your local doctor and follow his advice on relevant vaccinations for Madagascar. Full vaccinations can take 2-3 months, so start as soon as you like.


Volunteers should see their dentist in advance of departure, to ensure there are no essential works needing treatment.

Against malaria

Follow your doctor's recommendations for prophylactics for the mission, and take care to use mosquito repellents and deterrent clothes in the evenings. Where advisory, before 6 pm you should change into long sleeved shirts, trousers and socks to avoid being bitten. Such clothes must also be worn when in rain-forest. For sleeping, mosquito nets or coils should be used. We provide mosquito nets in placement but also advise you take your own (travel) mosquito net with you as you may wish to travel independently during your stay in Madagascar.

When taking anti-malarial pills please remember to always eat first (they can cause a negative reaction on an empty stomach). A pot of local yogurt or milk is a good idea before certain types like Doxicycline - as they can affect the stomach and make you feel ill.

Medical kit

Take a small general kit, plus supplies of any medical remedy you use regularly, the same brands may not be available in Madagascar. See Kit List for more information.


Any allergies to foods or medicines, or any current or recurrent medical treatment should be reported on your Application Form.