3 weeks: £695*
4 weeks: £785
5 weeks: £875
6 weeks: £965
7 weeks: £1055
8 weeks: £1145
9 weeks: £1235
10 weeks: £1325
11 weeks: £1415
12 weeks: £1505

To fit with cheap 30-day airline tickets, we offer volunteer placements starting at 3 or 4 weeks. All volunteers may add holidays at the end at their own expense if they wish (*and a 3 week placement allows you to take additional holiday time after you have finished your volunteering).

For assignments including the Medical Elective Volunteer Programme and Conservation Research and for anyone wishing to volunteer more than 3 months please enquire via email.

Your payment covers:

  • Lodgings at your placement and in Tana*
  • Electricity
  • Gaz (bottled gas) for cooking
  • Airport transfer
  • Transfer to placements
  • Mid-way transfers if applicable
  • Teaching Materials for English Clubs
  • Activity costs and materials limited according to length of stay
  • 2-days Training at placement

*The accommodation in Tana is in a local hotel for first and last night, please enquire by email and we can help recommend options.

Your payment does not include:

You will also need to budget an approximate food allowance of - £2/day

For holidays taken during the volunteering period, placement costs still apply to pay your rental of lodgings, and allow you to stopover at our offices where we do have shared rooms available, free of charge.

Payment process

  1. £30 deposit (non refundable)
  2. 4-5 months before departure, 50% is due as part payment
  3. the remainder is to be paid 2 months before departure.

Please send cheques made out to:
Access Madagascar Initiative,
21 Neuchatel Road,
London SE6 4EH

For bank transfers please email for further details.

Late bookings are accepted provided that placements are available and fees can be paid in full.

Cancellation: Refunds can be made up to 60 days before travel. Any reasonable costs incurred in Madagascar will be deducted before refund. If cancellation is on medical grounds prior to departure, this should be covered by your insurance policy.