Fundraising ideas

In general most volunteers raise much of their funds by taking short-term jobs and working peak-season in bars or restaurants, For any part-time job you get, we suggest you tell the boss you're planning to volunteer and see if the company will help with a charity donation. 

Any company or person who donates on your behalf to The Dodwell Trust, we can deduct this amount from your costs budget.

You may use text from our website for purposes of fund-raising.

Many universities and colleges have travel grants available. Ask your tutor, and/ or the careers officer. Some grants only cover airfares, others help cover volunteering in-country costs.

Other ideas:

  • ask friends and family contacts to sponsor you in a walk, or a cycle ride
  • if you go to church, ask your church group for a donation
  • if your family knows someone in a Rotary Club, ask them for £150 towards your costs
  • hold a cost-free event, e.g. a Waggy-Dog Competition, with prizes donated by friends and colleagues.
  • car wash and car valet: many people are willing to pay generously for their car to be cleaned inside and out.
  • having tried all the above, and added some ideas of your own, you may have to borrow from family to repay through work after travel..

Please let us know if we have missed out any fund-raising ideas that you have used successfully.