Where will you be based?

AMI offers you the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of locations. All our placements are in small communities, where you can really get to know the community and experience the real Madagascar.

AMI works in communities in the centre of Madagascar, offering a range of environments from farmland to village and town and all of them in need of help.

Volunteers live in pairs or small groups in traditional houses assigned to the project, or other suitable accommodation.

All our placements have a local host agent who is there to help if needed. We provide basic, comfortable, often self contained lodgings. All placements have toilets, showers, running water and cooking facilities.

Malagasy food is delicious, and there are lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish which you can buy in village markets or in the nearby town. Cooking advice is included in the in-country orientation and you can ask you host agent to help you with any local recipes.

Weekends are free time, and you can take one long weekend each month for further travels in this very beautiful country.

For more information about our placements please get in touch and we'll take you through the options