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Ambolomanjakarivo is a traditional farming village 64km west of the capital. The local community is made up of a collection of villages doted across the rolling hills of rice farms, general farming and the traditional forests of Tapia, the natural habitat of the silk worm, once the foundation of the regions famed silk weaving, still found today but sadly in a state of decline.

Where am I staying?

You’ll be staying in a dedicated bungalow, that has 2 indoor bathrooms, flushing toilets, fresh running natural spring water (that you can drink!) and a kitchen with fridge and gas stove with room for up to 4 volunteers.

Here you'll experience the real side of malagasy village life and the amazing hospitality of villagers. The aim of the work in the Ambolomanjakarivo placement is to bring english and other learning opportunities to the local children, both from the village and surrounding villages. In addition helping out with the tree planting programme and a Saturday art club.

Who’s my local contact?

Your host agent is Mr Razaf who owns the farm and runs local conservation organisation DEFI who are replanting the regions natural Tapia forest.

Where do I get supplies?

There is a local market in the local town - Arivonimamo and you can stock up with goods before you arrive . Rice, chicken, eggs and some fruit and vegetables can be available to buy in the village, with enough notice. The kitchen has a gas burnwr and all the pots and pans and cutlery you'll need. For other refreshments like coca cola, crisps, sweets or beer you can go to the local cafe.

You can also buy fruit on the roadside, like pineapples, papaya, when in season and are really delicious!

How do I get about?

Bicycle is the best local transport option. Taxis Brousse are also available and stop near the lodgings - upon request.

How do I stay in touch?

Abolomanjakarivo is not too remote and has some mobile coverage, so you can still keep in touch with the office in Tana and friends and family at home. There is mobile phone coverage, and an internet café with a landline and a public phone at the Telma post office in Arivonimamo - about 30 mins by taxi. You can get a dongle in the capital, if you're bringing a laptop and or buy an additional sim card for a tablet (if it can take a sim) - there is no wifi.

What am going to be doing?

AMI’s volunteers help with a local conservation and development organisation DEFI, who are working to restore the local Tapia forests and provide access to jobs and education, to the local communities children and young people. Volunteers help with planting trees, hosting english clubs and an after school club for painting and general learning. Here our volunteers get to say with family in the village, gain even more authentic insight into malagasy life.