Volunteers in Ampefy 2014

Ampefy is a small town right in the heart of Madagascar, 100km west of the capital Antananarivo (“Tana”) by Lake Itasy and our main placement, with our dedicated school for 100 disadvantaged primary school children.

Set in a beautiful area of volcanic hills and lakes, waterfalls and colourful hot springs, it is a region famed for agriculture, fishing and stunning scenery.

The local population are traditional farmers and Ampefy is famous for its fish, avocados and papaya. Plenty of fresh food and fruit is available in the local market and the community welcomes volunteers.

Where am I staying?

You’ll be staying at the The Dodwell Trust Centre in Amoronimamo, Ampefy, a complex of housing and the school set near the shore of Lake Itasy, about 1km from the main road. The house has 3 large bedrooms, a kitchen, toilets, shower-rooms, a balcony, roof terrace and the school, all set in secure private grounds.

Who’s my local contact?

Your host agent Peratra who lives locally to the centre and works at the AMI office in Tana. You will also work with local teachers, and will have a “guardian”.

Where do I get supplies?

Local shops include a baker, butcher, and fresh vegetables and fruits are plentiful. You could also use a local fishing rod to fish Tilapia in the lake. The market day is Saturday.

How do I get about?

Bicycle is the best local transport option. Taxis are available (a journey from the airport to Ampefy costing somewhere in the region of 4000 ariary).

How do I stay in touch?

Ampefy is quite remote, but you can still keep in touch with friends and family at home. There is mobile phone coverage, and an internet café with a landline and a public phone at the Telma post office in Ampefy.

What am going to be doing?

You will work in collaboration with CISCO, the Mayor, the local Catholic, EPP (Primary) and CEG (Secondary) schools, and the Protestant Church. The central task will be teaching English in primary School (EF1) or assisting the English teachers at the CEG & Catholic schools. You can also help the English & Art Clubs, and develop cultural corners in classrooms (EF1). There is preparation work for Sports or Environment day with the schools. You can also go on guided treks to create circuits of eco- touristic interest. You can also help out with the centre’s vegetable garden that supplements the school children’s feeding programme.