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Antananarivo or Tana, formerly Tananarive, is the capital and largest city in Madagascar and is situated in the center of the island length-wise, and 145 km (90 mi) away from the eastern coast.

Where am I staying?

We have 2 rooms for volunteers to stay upon arrival and before leaving and in between for the occasional weekend to see the sights, eat in restaurants. These rooms are subject to availability and not for long stay. If we don't have room, then the team in Tana can recommend a local hotel suitable for all budgets.

Who’s my local contact?

Your host contact will be the staff in the AMI offices.

Where do I get supplies?

Local shops include a baker, butcher, and fresh vegetables and fruits are plentiful.

How do I get about?

Taxis are available and local buses are available.

How do I stay in touch?

All forms of communication are available in Tana. The AMI offices have an internet connection, but not WiFi and use is limited to office hours. Our team help volunteers to buy a local sim card and also a phone if necessary. All our placements have the internet through local cyber cafe's, but our lodgings don't have a connection or WiFi...sorry. You can buy a dongle in Tana when getting a sim card and that is a pay as you go solution, if you want to stay connected.

If you're bringing a laptop or tablet, then purchasing a dongle in Tana would be advised.

What am going to be doing?

AMI’s main operation team is based here, from where they manage all our placements and activities. In Tana we fo have 2 key activities for volunteers including helping to train Malagasy english teachers at the TRC and opportunities for working with the zoo, both with the animals and the botanical department.