Terms and Conditions

1. Payment

Once the volunteers application has been accepted, payment is made as follows:

  1. A non-refundable deposit of £30
  2. 50% of full costs (minus deposit) is due at four months before departure
  3. the remaining 50% is to be paid two months before departure.
  4. if the application is late full payment will be requested immediately

2. AMI responsibilities to the volunteer

  1. Shared (by other volunteers) self-catering lodgings provided with mosquito nets in host-villages
  2. Food allowance during placement (£2/day)
  3. Airport transfer
  4. Transfer to placement accompanied by AMI staff (by taxi brousse)
  5. Emergency telephone / text service in Madagascar and UK - in addition to the orientation briefing in Madagascar detailing what to do if needing urgent assistance.
  6. teaching material, training of activities and task schedule giving additional information in the form of a presentation and information sheets on the designated placements, key contacts, host agent, local doctor, hospital, police etc... to each volunteer. ensured by DT- AMI staff.
  7. regular visits by AMI staff for continued assistance , safety checks of lodgings, monitoring and evaluation of activities.
  8. assistance to volunteer in event of sickness, medical evacuation or other unfortunate event. AMI shall not be liable for medical or other expenses incurred (should be covered by volunteer’s insurance policy).

2.2 Water-based activities

AMI placements do not provide water based activities and do not require travel by boat.

2.3 Personal time

AMI accept no responsibility for volunteers whilst traveling on weekend excursion, personal holiday time, within or outside of the agreed volunteering period.

3. The Volunteer’s responsibilities and conduct (before departure and whilst in Madagascar)

3.1 Volunteer must

  1. obtain return airline ticket
  2. declare any ongoing or occasional medical or psychological condition.
  3. have adequate insurance valid until end of visit to Madagascar to cover cancellation, health, medical evacuation, personal liabilities, personal accidents, personal belongings and death
  4. have relevant vaccinations, anti-malaria precautions and medication advised by their doctor and to hold a medical vaccination certificates.
  5. hold a passport of at least 6 months validity beyond stay in Madagascar
  6. organise and obtain correct entry Visa for Madagascar and extension fees for long stay (90 days +)
  7. read pre-travel information sent by e-mail to volunteer by AMI UK
  8. dress respectfully and behave responsibly, to act as an Ambassador
    for the volunteer project whilst in Madagascar.
  9. abide by the laws of Madagascar and to respect local customs
  10. abide by the Code of Conduct and the health and safety instructed by AMI in UK and Madagascar
  11. be responsible for him/herself whilst taking week end excursion, personal holiday in Madagascar and related travel within or outside of agreed volunteering period.
  12. inform his/her family in their country of residence and AMI staff in Madagascar, about his/her holiday destination and plan
  13. be aware of the danger in using local boats (fishing, canoes, small ferry, speedboats etc...). It is at your own risk.
  14. return at least 24 hours to Antananarivo apartment before international flights at the end of placement or holiday travel

3.2 Volunteer must not

  1. drink alcohol before undertaking any activity connected to volunteer’s placement,
  2. possess any illegal and recreational drugs, commit frauds or any criminal acts
  3. adopt dogs, nor buy motor vehicles

3.3 Volunteer is responsible for:

  1. purchasing his/her food and drink provision during their placement (from food allowance given to volunteer). Any extra spending is at the volunteer’s own expense.
  2. cooking his/her own food suitable to his/her diet during placement
  3. safety of his/her personal belongings during his/her placement
  4. maintaining his/her placement lodging to a good standard whilst on placement. If the volunteer causes damage to host lodgings, or loss or damage to its equipment, or project equipment on loan to them, the volunteer is responsible to carry out its repair or replacement.

4. Change of volunteer’s placement

4.1 AMI's right to change

AMI staff have the the right to change any aspect of the volunteer's placement or assignment (if it is the best interests of the placement or the volunteer).

4.2 Volunteer's right to change

Volunteer has a right to ask AMI staff to change his/her placement, provided that other placements are available.

4.3 Disputes

If there is a dispute between the volunteer and the host-person or other placement related persons , the matter should be brought to the attention of AMI in Madagascar and UK as soon as possible, who will make every effort to resolve the problem. Should the problem persist, AMI staff will transfer volunteer in question to another placement (subject 4.1)

5. Termination of volunteer’s placement

5.1 Serious misconduct

Serious misconduct during volunteer placement, such as frequent excesses of alcohol or use of illegal or recreational drugs, committing criminal acts or frauds and breaking the law. Volunteer will be expelled from placement which will result immediate termination of his/her placement. AMI are not obliged to give any refunds of placement under these circumstances.

5.2 Warning

In the event of unsatisfactory work or conduct. AMI staff will liaise with volunteer’s host-person and a written warning will be given. Should the problem persist and if it has bad impact on the placement, the volunteer’s placement will be terminated. AMI are not obliged to give any refunds.

5.3 Termination

If volunteer wishes to terminate his/her placement in any circumstances before agreed date of end. AMI are not obliged to give any refunds of placement. (Special circumstances where a refund might be given will be taken into consideration upon request).

(In signing the AMI Placement Form the volunteer agrees to these terms and conditions)